If you want to know the true character of a person,
divide an inheritance with him.

Benjamin Franklin

Inheriting and drafting your testament are extraordinary events in life. It is a necessity and a comfort to have the lawyer at your side that is best suited for you.

With me you find professional counsel and representation in all the usual matters concerning inheriting and drafting a will: for example the division of an inheritance, claiming the compulsory share (Pflichtteil) or legacy (Vermächtnis), the arrangement of all necessary proceedings after the testator has passed away, estate planning, counseling or supervision of the German executor of a last will (Testamentsvollstrecker).

If you are of other than German nationality or your affair has a cross country connection to Germany for example by parts or all of the estate being set in Germany, I will guide you in the proceedings, in claiming your share or legacy, represent your interests in the division, file a lawsuit for you, plan your estate with regard to German law, discuss the matter of taxes with your tax expert. Knowledge of the German International Private Law, which determines the applicable law in each international case from a German perspective, of the estate law of the different countries including their international estate law, is the fundament of the service I offer.

I am looking forward to working with you.

Anke im Masche

Derecho de Familia. Parejas de Hecho.

No existe regulación legal con carácter estatal en España de las uniones de hecho (formadas por las parejas de hecho).

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El Derecho de Familia

En las relaciones matrimoniales, es el Régimen Económico Matrimonial el que establece normas y pautas que regulan los intereses patrimoniales de los cónyuges, en sus relaciones entre ellos mismos y con terceros.

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La sucesión intestada en Alemania

La sucesión intestada en el Código Civil alemán (BGB - Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch), arts. 1922 y ss.

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