Not what we experience but how we perceive what we experience, determines our fate.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Working on the legal issues of an inheritance is only one part of the picture for me. There is an even bigger part that needs to be acknowledged.

Once a family member passes away, a lot of things happen in and with those left behind. Old issues surface, new conflicts arise, new situations need to be dealt with. The background of personal development, family history, the role we played or had to play in our parents’ family has a major influence.

It is essential for our own progress, our quality of life and the resolution of conflicts how we deal with these changes, new situations, requirements and confrontations.

How can I find an inner balance, keep my strength in this demanding situation? Will I stay healthy? Am I strong enough to support others?

How can I evolve and step out of this even stronger than before? Can I seize this opportunity and question old behavioral patterns?

Working on ourselves renews or strengthens our sense of who we are and what we need and wish for. Old/new energies are set free. Order is restored. Priorities become clear. Decisions are easier to take. Social contacts can get a positive impulse. Sometimes conflicts find solutions nobody dared to think of.

Gently we can approach those issues that need to be acknowledged - incidentally or as the main focus. I can introduce you to techniques and methods that can be found in management seminars, mental training for athletes or healing rituals of other cultures. They are based on the latest scientific knowledge, are efficient, easy to learn and to integrate into daily life. I give them to you in the version of coach and healer Barbara Heil, Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg. Today she is still available for advice and supervision.

It would be my honor and pleasure to give you the means to progress even further than you already have.