Court Proceedings

There are no solutions in life. There are forces in movement: those you have to create; solutions follow.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – Night flight (Vol de nuit)

You already find yourself in a conflict about the division of an inheritance, somebody has filed a law suit against you, you have to claim a legacy or your obligatory part of the inheritance (Pflichtteil) following information about the estate? I represent your interests with vigour.

The accurate and punctual composition of legal documents and pleadings, the representation of the client in the dispute with the other party(ies) and before court are the basics of the legal profession. In international cases I work with the colleagues at the location of the proceedings. Throughout Europe lawyers have the right to appear before the courts of other countries. To serve your interests best I prefer to contact a local lawyer and work as a team.

If there is an alternative, I will tell you so and discuss your options. Experience tells us that court proceedings sometimes do not bring the result we hoped for even though we have "won".

What is the result you hope for? What do you wish for? What would be the ideal solution in your case? What is important beside the monetary aspect? Is there something even more important?

Being clear on these questions gives certainty. Certainty leads to determination. Determination brings the concentration of all forces available. And that is a very good start.

Sometimes it is not easy to find the answers to those questions, especially if we do not (yet) know or see alternatives and possibilities. In that case I help you by explaining options and steps. Together we decide how to procede.

This is your life, your opportunity to design, form and build. You decide what you want, can take and stand and what not. You should be able to live with the means and the result.

Moreover it is wrong to solve a problem with the sword if you can reach your goal with circumspection and intelligence.

Miguel de Cervantes-Saavedra, 1547-1616, Spanish Poet, five years Algerian slave

Conflicts in cases of successions mostly erupt within families. Structures and roles have been set for a long time, emotional injuries may have been inflicted a long time ago.

A decision by a court can, but does not have to be the right choice. Courts decide in deeply private issues, according to the system of law. Often the result is good or acceptable and the only way to bring a dispute to an end.

Sometimes new problems are created instead. The personal relationship between the parties can be even more stressed, family bonds seem to be severed.

Here it can be rewarding to allow a different approach.

The result can be a pleasant surprise.