Settlement of Inheritances

Even with rocks that have been put in our way
we can build something beautiful.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If you have to cope with the loss of a family member, you have to deal with your own reaction, that of the rest of the family and a whole chain of legal and business transactions, of which some cannot be postponed for long.

This might easily cause the feeling of not being capable to deal with the whole situation since it is just too much. It is not only the loss and the change in family structure but this new work load to handle beside the daily life. Having been trained in other fields, technical terms and proceedings are unfamiliar, the timing unknown.

The wish to get through this as fast as possible and be done with it is as normal as the reluctance to touch the topic at all.

Many clients, especially in international cases, long for someone who takes this whole work load off their shoulders. Somebody who knows how to handle it and likes to work on it. Somebody, who knows traps, options, legal necessities and subtleties as well as different ways to approach an issue. This is where I step in.

Many clients have enjoyed this complete handing over of unpleasant tasks during the settlement of an inheritance. My clients were able to focus on their family and their work, which often suffer in times like this. Time for you should be available as well. Everything we experience has to be coped with, conflicts burn energy. Time, a safe place and moments of peace to charge your batteries are important.

Seeing you healthy and serene once we have gone through all the coming steps and challenges, possibly amicable and without unnecessary delays, is one of my goals.